David Vlas YouTube Revenue Machine Course Review

In this youtube revenue machine david vlas course review i’ll talk about whats inside the course, is it a scam and is it worth it?

youtube revenue machine course

So first off David Vlas is a huge youtuber with almost 3 million subscribers that does funny viral videos. But now he has decided to launch his own course with a guide and strategies on how to grow on youtube and making money with adsense.

He talks about how he has compilation channels where here make thousands of dollars each month on auto-pilot and this guide will show you how.

Since many don’t want to appear on youtube videos and don’t feel comfortable recording with a video camera this type of videos is a great solution to getting started on youtube.

With this course it will show you how to make the type of compilation videos that go virals and can make you 6 figures a year he says.

There are 7 chapters that will go through everything from creating high click-rate thumbsnails and how to avoid copyright since you will mostly use other content and compile them to make on of those videos that you’ve probably seen on youtube that is viral and has millions of views.

The YouTube Revenue Machine David Vlas Course Chapters:

  • Getting Started / Optimization For Growth
  • Branding Yourself / Making money
  • SEO/Ranking videos to generate millions of views
  • Making Clickable thumbnails
  • Editing videos
  • Copyright and preventing getting striked and terminated (important)
YouTube Revenue Machine David Vlas Course Review

David vlas specially says on the youtube revenue machine course page that you don’t need any experience and no problem if you are camera shy because with his method you will use other clips and edit it to make a clip montage like those fortnite or tik tok compilation you see all the time on youtube that have million of views

But also talks about the standard vlog videos if you are comfortable with the camera.

The bottom line of the course is to always catch a youtube trend it’s the fastest way to grow on youtube. Find what’s trending on youtube and do content on that, like right now it’s fortnite and tik tok videos.

The youtube revenue machine david vlas course conclusion

So the price is quite high for the david vlas youtube course is 297$ (Original price $898) which is way to much in my opinion. And it’s quite risky since it’s against youtube’s guidelines to re-upload other’s content without their permission.

“It’s not okay to post large amounts of repetitive and/or re-uploaded videos to your channel. If the main purpose of your channel is to monetize other channels’ content, it will likely violate our spam policies. “

Unless you do your own voice-over which may be allowed and add commentary then it might go under fair use.

So instead I would recommend this youtube course which is much cheaper-> Make Money From Youtube With No Filming, No Marketing And No Website!

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