Why Use Bluehost For WordPress? For This Reason!

Here’s the 5 reasons for why use bluehost for wordpress.

Many bloggers and website owners all around the world use Bluehost as their choice for wordpress hosting and it’s for a good reason.

1. WordPress Automatically installed (Bluerock)


Bluehost have now made it even simpler to install a fresh wordpress installation on your website, with their new technology called Bluerock (they really like Blue) it will automatically WordPress for you after you sign-up instead of doing it manually.

So less hassle for you and their new interface looks sleek for managing your sites. Very user-friendly! ?

Then when you have wordpress website installed you can install any theme you like and install essential free plugins like yoast seo, a cache plugin and then start blogging.

So Bluehosts helps you saving you a ton of frustration trying to learn how to install WordPress in which directories, which version and bla bla bla you don’t need to learn that with everything is done automatically for you, Easy! I love it! (Also if you would have any trouble here is a simple guide here)

2. 24/7 Excellent Support Available

bluehost live chat support for wordpress

Bluehost are famous for their fast response times, they have all expertise needed to help you with everything you need from a hosting company.

If you’re having trouble like a WordPress plugin makes your website crash, you can simply open their live chat or call them then explain your problem and have their technician fix it for you. No problemo!

3. Free SSL Certificate & Great Security

With bluehost you get a free SSL certificate which means you will use https in the url bar and gives you the green lock icon that indicates trust and security to your readers and users on your website.

bluehost free ssl https
SSL certificate indicates trust.

Also now with bluehost you get a FREE domain name registration which usually cost around 12$.

4. Bluehost WP Pro Great For WordPress users

why use bluehost for wordpress

Something that is unique to bluehost is their WP pro dashboard that is designed for wordpress users to know evertyhing about their website with ease.

It shows you how many visitors and traffic, your SEO score (good seo is crucial for people finding you on google), see your posting activity and more.

5. 30 Day Money back guarantee

bluehost wordpress 30 day money back

If you for whatever reason wouldn’t like Bluehost, they have 30 days refund guarantee.

But with bluehost offering:

  • Top notch customer service 24/7
  • FAST hosting speeds
  • Free domain registration
  • almost no downtime of servers

and so Easy to use I can’t see why you wouldn’t wan’t Bluehost.

Even WordPress themself recommends Bluehost so you can expect them to work flawless together.

wordpress recommends bluehost

Conclusion of why use bluehost for wordpress

So why use bluehost for wordpress?

Because they are perfect for WordPress websites especially if you are a beginner and really affordable. ?

Either way you have nothing to loose to try it out:

How To Start a Blog or Website with Bluehost

Here’s a quick run down on how to get started with Bluehost if you decide to sign up, it’s super easy!

1. Hit get started and choose hosting plans

Click the button below then click get started.

From there you’ll find their hosting plans. Now you might wonder which one to go for.

bluehost hosting plans choice plus

It all depends based on how many websites you plan to set up and how much traffic (people going to your site) you think your gonna have.

I would go for Choice Plus because even though you maybe won’t have massive traffic in the beginning it will certainly increase over time if you keep blogging and it’s good to have a hosting plan that can handle that traffic.

Also after you set up one website you wanna set up more in the future it’s very fun. ?

So with Choice Plus you get unlimited websites/domains instead of limited to one website and site backup incase you wanna roll-back anything on your website.

2. Chose a domain name

Now you get to choose your name for your website the URL address or if you already have a domain.

domain name bluehost website hosting

I would recommend go for a .com since everyone is familiar with that but there are also a ton of more options to go for. Also optional go for something brandable in your domain name.

3. Enter your information

Enter you information, payment option and a secure password that you remember then click submit, pretty self-explanatory.

account information bluehost

4. Chose a theme and DONE!

Since Bluehost is so easy it auto-installs wordpress for your website so you just have to chose a theme and a wordpress login then you are all set-up.

Bluehost theme wordpress bluerock

This is how the wordpress admin area looks where you customize your website even more, write posts, install plugins and so on.

bluehost wordpress marketplace performance

Good luck on your website and hope it helped.

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