Which Bluehost Plan Is Best? Don’t make this mistake

which bluehost plan is best

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a service which gives individuals as well as organizations the ability to post a web page or a website on the internet. You can do this through the help of a service provider who will help you in getting the required services and technology for the purpose of posting the webpage or website on the internet.

You can conveniently store these webpages hosted on servers.

When people are online and want to look at your website then all they have to do is type in the website domain or address into their web browsers and it will direct them to your website almost instantly.

This will result in their devices connecting to your server, making your web pages to get delivered by help of the browser.

In today’s digital age, web hosting has become essential.

It is considered to be the location or physical address of your website on the web that consists of photos, videos and data plus various types of other content that makes up the structure of your website.

It is measured in the size of the disk space that you are given as per the server along with the amount of bandwidth that is required for getting access to the server.

In case if you have lots of interaction with customers on your websites like files for download then chances are that you will access the server often.

You will also require more transfer space when it comes to web hosting in cases like these compared to those where only readable text is added to the sites.

You will require disk space according to the size of content you have put up on your site, including images, photos, videos, PDF files and maps, etc. in case of web hosting.

What Are the Different types Of Web Hosting?

  • Shared Web Hosting

The name itself gives away its purpose – shared.

It means that both you as well as other website owners share a single server. This means that you will also be sharing the software applications as well as the physical server with the website owners as shared hosting services.

As the cost of maintaining the servers is split between many people, you can bet that the price is now within your set budget.

Shared servers are mostly preferable for those sites that do not experience heavy traffic on their sites, most of the new businesses are recommended to opt for shared web hosting. However, there are also downsides to this, as sharing servers may make it slow.

With its easy to use dashboard for customers, shared web hosting is ideal for newly launched websites and blogs.

It is a fully managed solution considering the low costs making it affordable for everyone.

They normally cost around $7.99 but at Bluehost you can get them for as cheap as $2.95 per month.

  • VPS Web Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a hosting option that is similar in many ways to shared web hosting. However, there is a catch – you can share the server with other website owners but only with those available in your specific area. In this scenario, you are splitting hardware with the other websites but when it comes to computing resources you have to get some of your own. If one does not wish to adopt super expensive hosting services or the cheaper shared ones, then VPS web hosting is the best choice for you.

Here, you can also upgrade the bandwidth of your website or webpage without having to cash out more money from your pocket.

Bluehost is recommended for hosting services with good packages. VPS Hosting Services are great for those seeking for flexibility in what they do. They can gain total power and control over their work at costs as low as $19.99 per month and save themselves a lot of money.

These are great for traffic that ranges from moderate to high. Bluehost also provides full root access for the purpose of gaining additional control.

  • Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting stands up there with the expensive hosting services.

The plus point of this service is that you can have the whole web server to yourself.

By doing so, you can gain all of the benefits that come along with it such as fast speed. You can go for dedicated hosting if your website or webpage requires more security or plenty of system resources.

You are considered the sole tenant of the server, and the best part is that the performance of your website won’t be hampered by any other site. Since it is a dedicated hosting package, it is a given that it will prove to be costlier than the other shared packages.

It can be utilized for unlocking more tailored features. If you require lots of disk space to run your website then you can surely go for dedicated hosting.

If your website generates traffic in a high range then dedicated hosting is the deal suitable for you. You can make use of it for resource intensive needs. It also offers you ultimate security and dishes out performance to its maximum.

Other plans included in dedicated web hosting are – standard, enhanced and premium.

Bluehost provides a dedicated hosting plan for $79.99 per month.

How To Decide On a Web Hosting Plan

When deciding on what hosting plan one should go for, there are always some parameters that you should look for. These are – Disk space, Email accounts and Bandwidth.

  • Disk Space

Wait. Before you go ahead for selection of your hosting plan you have a few things to keep in mind. You need to decide upon the amount of space that you will require for the storage of files on your website.

Then, according to this calculation, you can go ahead and give your approval for a hosting plan that offers you disk space around the range that you desire. Make sure to include all of the content types including web files, emails and databases.

  • Email Accounts

Forwarding accounts – In this case, you can hire a company for the purpose of filtering your emails for you. Your emails won’t be stored on the server but will be forwarded on to a different address.

POP3- Here, your server will offer you with some space so that you can store your emails on it. One account equals to a password and a login.

Alias accounts – These are quite similar to the forwarding accounts.

A few of the hosts might allow you to setup catch-all alias. Through this, you will be able to collect all of the emails that have been sent to addresses/locations that are not recognizable to your mail server.

  • Bandwidth

The bandwidth of your website is the maximum rate of data transfer that occurs across a given path.

It is also known as the capacity of your website to handle the data. Therefore, it is always better to get a plan that assures you more bandwidth.

This is because the more the bandwidth of the site, the more traffic it can handle at a time.

Some of the hosting services also provide ‘unmetered bandwidth’. In case of these, you are not charged for whatever you use.

Once you go past your allowance, you will be notified by your respective hosting provider.

What Is The Best Bluehost Hosting Plan?

all bluehost plans choice plus pro basic

Bluehost has some really good packages if you are looking for web hosting services. Other sites may offer the same services at low rates, but no one can beat Bluehost’s prices.

Through their technology, it has been made possible to recognize the excessive number of resources and then temporarily re-assign those to the isolated system(s). In this way, you can defend the performance of your website and lower the risk that is usually linked with shared servers.

Dedicated servers are the highest level of servers that you would require for your website.

These can flourish your online business and aid you in building an online presence for yourself and your brand.

You can do so by generating high traffic to your website or webpage. In the long run you will find that dedicated servers are the most beneficial as they provide more advantages as compared to the other plans.

Through dedicated servers you can grow your small online based business into something big and cash out all of the money from it to compensate for the expenditure caused by the use of dedicated web servers.

Therefore, it is advisable that one goes for dedicated servers offered by bluehost as it consists of the better packages. They include standard, enhanced and premium.

The standard pack can be obtained at just a price of $79.99 per month with features such as 4 GB RAM, 5 TB Bandwidth, 500 GB Storage, 4 cores at 2.3 Gigahertz and 3 IP addresses.

The enhanced package starts at about $99.99 per month instead of the usual market price of $ 159.99. It provides with an 8 GB RAM, 10 TB Bandwidth, 1TB Storage (mirrored), 4 cores at 2.5 Gigahertz and 4 IP addresses.

At the cost of $119.99 per month, you can get the premium pack for yourself. You can get about 16 GB RAM, 15 TB Bandwidth, 1 TB of mirrored storage, 4 cores at 3.3 Gigahertz and total 5 IP Addresses.

If you do opt for dedicated hosting, you will also be provided with a free domain name for the 1st year. You can later renew the domain name after the end of the period of 12 months at usual market prices.


bluehost plans

Considering all these aspects we can recommend Bluehost Choice Plus that will all your needs even if your website grows quickly, if your tight on budget go Basic plan.

You should sign-up for Bluehost web hosting as all of their hosting plans are inclusive of scalability, resource protection, domains, marketing credits and lastly, SSL certificates.

Choose your plan with bluehost here.

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