Ultimate Addons For Elementor Review (2021)

So you’ve started using the popular page builder tool Elementor for you websites and you love to use but you feel like you are missing some widgets.

Then the answer to that is ultimate addons for elementor by brainstorm force.

ultimate addons for elementor pro review

Elementor with elementor pro has some good modules for the most design elements you need but with the ultimate addons for elementor it will take it to the next level.

For example one feature that the elementor doesn’t have is tables, but luckily with ultimate addons for elementor you have that feature now and makes it super easy to use. You can for example import .csv file to the table and have it filled in and use images.

But many use elementor for designing websites and doing websites for clients. And we wan’t to create exactly what we wan’t fast and make it look amazing, that’s why we love Elementor.

ultimate addons for elementor business reviews

So with uae (ultimate addons for elementor) you can so much more to play with, it includes over 30+ widgets and more coming in the pipeline. They also done some for woocommerce sites like widgets products, categories and add to cart.

Here are some example what you can get, i’ve purchased ultimate addons for elementor for my self because I was looking for some extra important widgets that the standard elementor can’t offer


Look at this awesome button the possibilities are endless

They have tons of unique annd innovatives ideas, for example this timeline below you can showcase the company history or the project development whatever you need there is a widget for it in the ultimate addons for elementor pack.

January 1, 2018

I discovered elementor

Omg this is gonna change everything

January 1, 2018

December 1, 2018

Argh some things are missing

I wonder if there’s an addon for that

December 1, 2018

July 1, 2019

I discovered Ultimate addons for elementor

This have all the features that was missing in elementor, my life is now complete

July 1, 2019

Just look how easy and beautiful you can create tables where you can input data or use like a comparison table.

Fully responsive and you can insert icons/images very easily, this saves a ton of time and frustration sometimes.

Sample ID Heading 1 Heading 2
Sample #1 Row 1, Content 1 Row 1, Content 2
Sample #2 Row 2, Content 1 Row 2, Content 2
Sample #3 Row 3, Content 1 Row 3, Content 2

Ultimate addons for elementor speed issues?

Now you may wonder if all these extra widgets will make your website super slow, and no it won’t

Ultimate addons for elementor is developed by the same company that has created the super popular theme Astra (which I also use for this website).

The Astra theme is known for how light-weight the theme is and how fast it is. 

And the same high quality coding standard goes in to creating ultimate addons for elementor, it has a modular architecture and is really lightweight. So no performance issues at all.

How to use ultimate addons for elementor?

ultimate addons for elementor review When using the plugin you simply download it from their website after purchasing it and upload it to your wordpress. Then when you edit in elementor it will show up like the rest of the widget but it will has it own category and there you find all the amazing widgets.   So it’s super simple to use, just drag and drop like usual.

What is included in ultimate addons for elementor?

Here are all the current widgets available, more are in the works and you can always suggest more ideas to them.

  • Business Reviews (include google business reviews & yelp directly YAY)
  • Video
  • Hotspots
  • Advanced Heading
  • Before After Slider
  • Business Hours
  • Contact Form 7 Styler
  • Caldera Form Styler
  • Content Toggle
  • Dual Color Heading
  • Fancy Heading
  • Google Map
  • Gravity Form Styler
  • Image Gallery
  • Info Box
  • Marketing Button
  • Modal Popup
  • Multi Buttons
  • Off-Canvas
  • Posts
  • Price Box
  • Price List
  • Table
  • Timeline
  • Video Gallery
  • Woo – Products
  • Woo – Categories
  • Woo – Add To Cart
  • Particle Backgrounds
  • Wpforms styler
  • Countdown timer

Ultimate Addons for Elementor Conclusion

So is it worth 49$? which is the lowest price point that includes

  • Unlimited Websites
  • Full-featured Products
  • Top-notch Support

In my opinion YES! This is saves you a ton of time and unlocks all the creative needs you will need for creating amazing websites.

There are other addon packs for Elementor but this one has the highest amount of details and with the ever-growing library of widgets it’s a no brainer.

Check out ultimate addons for Elementor here.

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