Should You Tip On Fiverr? (Reasons Why and Not)

do You Tip On Fiverr

When you have finished an order with a seller Fiverr asks you before you’re going to pay if you want to tip the seller.

Now you are not obligated to tip just like in real life, if you’re satisfied with the job you may show appreciation and tip them some money.

You can tip them a custom amount or choose between $5 up to $25.

Fiverr do charge a fees on tip which is 20%, which means the seller will get 20% less what you pay.

Also when you click tip now it first deducts from any money amount you have on your shopping balance account, if there’s no money left in your Fiverr balance account it will redirect you to use Paypal, Mastercard or whatever payment service provider you use.

Fiverr has said that the reason for that fee is to prevent abuse or fraud on the site. This feature was heavily requested by both sellers and buyers.

Reasons to tip

Here are some reasons why you would want to tip the seller:

  • Seller overdelivered on your order, they went above and beyond. They did more than expected basically.
  • Been very responsive and did revisions all to provide a good customer experience.
  • Some people have Fiverr to make a living, it can be hard for some and leaving a tip helps them a lot.

Reasons not to tip

  • The product or service was not at all that was expected or advertised as.
  • Very rude or overall bad experience such as slow response rate, no revisions
  • You think tipping is not needed, they are just hand-outs, you’ll pay what it cost and not more


So remember you don’t have to tip on Fiverr it’s voluntarily, but it helps the seller a lot if they provided a great service overall.

The tip option is always on default for Fiverr orders, so it’s not that the seller asked for tip.

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