Income Incubator Review Course – Is it good?

In this Income Incubator review i’ll talk about the course and what it offers and if it’s worth the money.

income incubator review

The income incubator is founded by Jeet Banerjee who made a good tedx talk on youtube (they also got a cool Instagram) a while back and have now started a course about launching your own online business.

It talks about seven different ways you can start earning money online which includes:

  • Physical Products, like Amazon FBA(Fulfillment by Amazon), which means buying products and then ship it to Amazon warehouse and make them do all the shipping for the customers and then you sell on Amazon. Or building a website with shopify.
  • E-Books is a great way to make passive money online you can hire a ghostwriter or write yourself then publish it on amazon kindle and other self-publishing platforms
  • Paperbacks, same as e-books but it’s a physical book.
  • Mobile Applications talks about how to make apps for iPhone and Android without coding like outsourcing or using templates.
  • Blogging, which is a cheap and fast way to get started earning money online. Goes through getting a host and domain name and start putting out content and get traffic which is shown in the course then earn money via selling own products or affiliate links.
  • Web Applications, if you’re into software you can make huge money with applications if you can solve someone’s problem with your product there’s money to be made
  • Social Media Agency, walks through on getting clients that pay you to run their social medias many businesses needs this services and a great way to earn money.
Income Incubator included courses

The course is fully online so you can access whenever and where you want, but if you have no internet you can download them so you can watch the courses offline.

And the videos are straight to the point and good overall production, overall the conclusion is that it’s always important to build a brand that will give you longivety.

Inside are some blogging niches list which are a good included download, but I think it could’ve been more about driving traffic from Google SEO for example.

The Income Incubator Review Conclusion

So is the information in the course worth the price tag of $499?

In my opinion No the information is nothing that new and is available everywhere.

I would recommend this course -> How You Can Generate Income From The Internet On Auto-Pilot.


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