Do Fiverr Youtube Views Work? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

do fiverr youtube views work

So do YouTube views from Fiverr actually work?

First of all mostly all these gigs is often by fake views also known as bots “watching” your YouTube videos.

Either these bots watch the whole video through to increase the retention time or mostly it just increases the view number.

But you have to remember YouTube aka Google are extremely aware of this and have incredible technologies to combat fake views ever since the beginning.

So you’ll most likely get the view numbers up in the beginning but YouTube will slowly remove those fake views from your video.

So yes, they do technically work for increasing views on your video for a short time. Same if you order fake likes they’ll be removed as well after some time.

If you were to buy a YouTube gig to increase views look for gigs that do it organically so you get real people watching maybe a shoutout or sharing your video.

But what is the point of buying YouTube views?

Why you shouldn’t buy YouTube views in the first place

The only thing you would gain from buying YouTube views are increasing the view number temporarily.

If you hope that by increasing the views number suddenly YouTube will promote your videos to millions of real people then you’re wrong.

YouTube can easily detect when it’s a real person watching or a fake bot watching, by for example IP address of each account, watch history, location history, behavior pattern and so on.

YouTube algorithm recommends videos that have high click trough rate (Make sure to have a good thumbnail) and watch time. So if people enjoy the video naturally they watch the whole video and that gives a high retention rate.

So why you shouldn’t buy views, likes or subscribers are because you won’t gain anything from it, it’s just bots computers they won’t buy anything from you, won’t watch your every video, won’t share your videos organically and so on.

The only reason is to maybe joke with your friend look my YouTube video got a million views.

Also, buying fake views is against their terms of service and may put your whole account in danger of a suspension.

Focus on creating video content that people actually want to watch and the rest will follow.

Find other great gigs on Fiverr that can help you with the creation of a video, such as thumbnails, video editing, YouTube intros and so on.

So there you go buying views is literally pointless it maybe worked in the year 2008 YouTube when the technology wasn’t there at all to combat this but you can’t outsmart today’s YouTube.

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