Bye 9 To 5 Youtube Course Review [Scam?]

In this Bye 9 To 5 Youtube course review i’ll go through what it contains and if it’s even worth the money.

The Bye 9 To 5 course comes from this youtube channel where he uploads video talking about making money online and heavily promotes his youtube course.

He has two youtube course called “Make Money On Youtube Made Easy” and “Youtube Advanced Masterclass”.

Both of the courses talk about making money online with youtube adsense. And the strategy is about using other’s video content and re-uploading it and monetize it.

He claims that he made $200,000 using these tactics from the course and he says “100% legal and not breaking any Youtube policies.”

Bye 9 To 5 Youtube Course Review

The Bye 9 to 5 course Youtube Advanced Masterclass course has 10 modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Getting Around Copyright ID Matches
  • Module 3: Tip For Boosting Your Income
  • Module 4: Top Niches I use
  • Module 5-7: Niche Case Study
  • Module 8: Growing Your Channel and Subscribers Organically
  • Module 9: Getting To Monetization Review In One Day HACK
  • Module 10: How To Get A Monetized Channel And SKIP THE REVIEW

The course talks about how to find content to download and re-upload also on how to remove intros/outros.

He talks about finding creative commons videos to use which is simply just using youtube search to filter by creative commons.

bye 9 to 5 free

Editing music to avoid content ID matches by pitching it up or down and using less than 30 seconds.

And also how to title and make thumbnails for your videos to optimize for SEO, for thumbnails basically make them stand out like use saturated colors and make them click worthy.

The solution to get a monetized youtube account is to buy already monetized account’s which costs a couple hundred dollars or join facebook groups where you can promote videos.

Bye 9 To 5 Review Youtube Course Conclusion

So it worth the $118.75? No, way to overpriced and the information is nothing new.

And also it is a very risky strategy since it’s against youtube’s guidelines which will get you banned and doing all work for nothing.

“It’s not okay to post large amounts of repetitive and/or re-uploaded videos to your channel. If the main purpose of your channel is to monetize other channels’ content, it will likely violate our spam policies. “

Which is exactly what his course is about and google is strictly against it. What maybe could work is doing voice overs and adding commentary which might go under fair-use but there are better ways.

Instead, I would recommend this youtube course which is alot cheaper and easy to follow-> Make Money From Youtube With No Filming, No Marketing And No Website!

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