Best WordPress Hosting With Free SSL (2021)

Having a secure website withs SSL-certificate is essential nowadays, for the first to increase trust with the visitor and for SEO-purposes since google favors sites with SSL.

So in this guide, I’ll show you two great hosting companies that offer SSL for free and makes is super easy to install. Also, they both have great support and a great reputation for WordPress sites.

So here are the best wordpress hosting with free ssl that have experience in website hosting.

Bluehost: wordpress hosting with Free SSL with super easy set up.

best wordpress hosting with free ssl

Check out Bluehost here and sign up today!

With bluehost, they auto install the SSL-certificate for you on all domains. With that you will get the green secure lock on google chrome and other browser like this:

bluehost free ssl https
Bluehost free ssl

Bluehost offers also 24/7 tech support with live chat and have call support as well. They have all the required expertise and more you can simply contact them if you ever have any problems and they fix it for you.

Downtime is essential to keep as low as possible because every second your hosting is down you may lose essential traffic and revenue from your website. So with Bluehost, they have very low downtime and can be tracked here.

The cost is also many want to keep down for their website or online business and Bluehost is known for their affordable prices since it’s shared WordPress hosting it will be much cheaper because you share the servers. Bluehost will only cost you a couple dollars a month.

Free domain name, with Bluehost you not only get the free ssl when you register they also provide you a free domain name which can be a .com. A domain name can cost up to 20$ a year which you can save with bluehost. ka-ching.

Siteground: free ssl let’s encrypt

siteground wordpress hosting free ssl

Siteground is a another great host that will let you install ssl https for free and is super duper easy. Siteground is famous for their quick and responsive live chat support, and are in the forefront of wordpress development.

They even create their own custom caching plugin for all their customers that is fine tuned to work best for their servers which offers great speed out of the box with a simple click.

Their servers also use SSD disk’s which gives the servers a huge boost in loading times for all their websites, not many hosting solutions offers SSD’s for their cheap plans like Siteground do with their Startup, GrowBig and goGeek plans.

Their downtime is great with only industry leading 99.9 percent downtime. So a visitor never have to be disappointed that your website is offline.

With daily automated backups of your website you never have to fear the worst happening to your website. Imagine your website crashing or you messed something up and have all your hard work dissapear that would be devastating.

But with daily backups you can simply go back and restore IF that would ever happen not that it happens often but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

WordPress speed and easy install

wordpress speed hosting with ssl https

So when you get your domain name you need to install a content managment system (CMS) which can be wordpress, joomla or drupal. Don’t worry it’s not complicated at all with Bluehost you can chose so they automatically install wordpress for you or with just 1-click install.

Speed is essential to website these days, nobody in the world likes a slow website and for every second load time the chances of people leaving the website increases dramaticly.

But with bluehost or siteground they both have fast snappy servers but to even increase it further you can use intergrated Cloudflare system with them.

That will in turn use cloudflare servers as a proxy for your website and those servers are spread all around the world.

So anywhere in the world your visitors will access the site it will be blazing fast.

Why ssl certificate is so important for your wordpress website?

First of all in today’s world you need to make sure your website visitors feels safe and that their data is secure and behind privacy. The ssl will encrypt all the data that is communacting with the visitors so nobody can see in plain text any sensetiv information.

It’s very important for e-commerce site that will handle any payment information and contact information of customers. But even for just a informational blog website I would highly recommend it as-well since it’s free and so easy to install why wouldn’t you. And with let’s encrypt they offer it free for everyone.

The other reason is that google the search engine have made a algorithm update that will use https as a ranking signal in their search results. And for websites and businesses it’s essential to show up high in the google search to get free organic visitors that is interested in your website.

Another thing that might not be that obvious is the green secure lock you get on all major internet browsers such as chrome and safari. Because if you don’t use ssl (https) it will say “not secure” which will be a bigger reason that you think for visitors to not trusting your website and may even leave (bounce) the website.

Conclusion wordpress hosting with free ssl

Now you may know the importance of a secure website with ssl is. With both of these hosting bluehost and siteground you can be assured they are great for wordpress hosting since wordpress themself recommends them.

For my site i’ve tried both but currently using Siteground, and they both work great as advertised.

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