The Best Web hosting for Dropshipping (2021)

best web hosting for dropshipping

Once you have chosen your dropshipping niche going back is way harder than moving forward, because you already envision yourself handling your customer’s orders and keeping the late nights just to make things work.

So while you might have your blueprint ready for action, choosing a good webhost platform for dropshipping is fundamental to the success of your online eCommerce store.

We will, therefore, provide you with information on factors that you need to consider before settling with any Webhosting company.

Dropshippers do run a plethora of services and that is why it is important to ensure that your host will allow you to carry out these services in a seamless fashion.

Managing the suppliers

The one major problem that dropshippers experience with suppliers is when they fail to inform them of the products that are out of stock.

So when a client selects the specific product, the supplier now moves in and removes the product from your website, well this is a costly mistake and one of the reasons why you need to carry out a thorough evaluation of your webhosts and their recommended suppliers.

Better yet is that your WebHost should allow you to have multiple suppliers just in case the specific product that a client wants is out of stock.

The above, therefore, means that your WebHost should be able to support multiple vendors. The above will then allow you to add products from different supplier’s websites and offer an efficient order fulfillment process.

Ease of use

When your customers see an advertisement for a product on your website and when they follow through they have to take about ten minutes before finally landing on the product then you are failing.

A good homepage needs to engage your potential clients and visitors and subtly lead them to click the purchase button.

Your WebHost, therefore, should give you the liberty to customize your website to attract and retain the relevant clients.

Customers need to interact with your WebHost seamlessly, from the carts to the share button and that is if they feel that they want to share information from your website.

The email subscription option should be easy to locate as some will want to be notified of the new products or services, and others will want to subscribe to your newsletters.

Your WebHost also needs to guarantee all the above features, and more, after all, dropshipping is all about cashing in and there is no way you will achieve that with disgruntled customers.

Allow integration and plugins

Without integrations, things like payments and marketing of your products and services will be a pipe dream.

Your WebHost should, therefore, allow you to add integrations though some platforms come with pre-installed plugins.

You will also want to create a powerful presence in other social media sites, to capture the ripe market in these platforms, for example, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Now, remember that you will be running your business online and most of the payments will be made through the same platform, and that is why your WebHost has to provide you with the opportunity to integrate payment options.

Plugins will help you with the management of your website and you can, therefore, measure your analytics, and increase sign-ups to your newsletter.

Payment options

While this might not seem relevant before you gain sizeable traffic with high conversions, the survival of your website is highly dependent on it.

An eCommerce site needs to be able to track customer payments and even send you notifications when your customers have paid.

Your WebHost should, therefore, offer you the option of integrating a variety of payment methods so that you don’t lose out on cash by limiting the use of certain payment services such as bank transfers.

There is also the card payment option especially when you are dealing with international customers.

The catch with the latter is for your WebHost to accord you the ability to handle multiple currencies and also enable currency conversion.

Real-time inventory

Having a real-time inventory tracker is one of the many ways of staying on top of your dropshipping business.

Besides inventory tracking is a simple method of ensuring that you can fulfill the needs of your customers in due time.

If your WebHost can, therefore, offer you the option of integrating the real-time inventory with your eCommerce software, then you can easily make updates on your online store in real-time.

Thanks to the free software woocommerce that comes with WordPress it’s super easy to set-up and install to get your dropshipping business up in minutes.

Support and Security

There are two support qualities that are mandatory for an efficient webhost, the first one is reliability and the second being knowledgeable of the various customer issues.

Webhost providers rarely have responsive support, for example, if you were to send them an email of a problem you were having with your site; it might take up to two working days for you to get a response.

Well, the above will cost the dropshippers a lot of money and the reason why you need to ensure that your hosting provider has a published telephone number that you can easily reach in case you experience problems with your site.

Also ensure that you can get through to support 24/7, running a dropshipping site is not any different from the brick and mortar store, so anytime your clients cannot reach you they will simply move on to the next shop and that is how you start losing clients and eventually close shop.

And as you shop around for the best WebHost, check on the reviews and see what other people are saying about getting their problems solved, is the support knowledgeable enough to keep your site up.


best web hosting for dropshipping wordpress woocommerce platform

And now that you know what to look for when shopping for your dropshipping WebHost, we also decided to provide you with some of the best webhosts for dropshipping.

Siteground and Bluehost, the latter has a special introductory offer with a 30day money-back guarantee.

So if you are looking for a reliable webhost then Bluehost comes highly recommended simply because it is already hosting over 2million websites around the globe. The WebHost service provider has a published telephone number complete with 24/7 support.

Besides their hosting plans are fairly priced, starting with the sweet spot that does not exceed $10.

Site ground, on the other hand, has got three options specially tailored to suit different categories of eCommerce site owners, and these are Magento, woo commerce, and Prestashop.

Better yet the Webhosting provider also offers eCommerce specific features such as the daily back up service, the free let’s encrypt certificate, and the fully PCI compliant.

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