Best Web Hosting for Developer Portfolio (2021)

best web hosting for developer portfolio

A developer’s portfolio is a consolidation of his/ her best works ready for potential clients and fans to catch a glimpse of.

A nice web portfolio can be seen as a form of a marketing strategy that aims to put the word out there of the availability of the specific service from the specific individual.

It is more of online curriculum vitae detailing the works and success of a developer over a certain period of time.

And by showcasing their skills they increase their chances of getting employed by attracting the relevant clients in their niche.

If you are a developer and want to make a strong online presence then you have to find a good Webhosting platform.

Remember, how you represent yourself online works to build your character in people’s mind and that is when they can trust you to the point of establishing communication. 

An online developer’s portfolio has to exude confidence and professionalism, you don’t expect people to trust you when you are not confident about yourself; so what are the features of a great WebHost that will give you a powerful online presence.

Ease of use

While it is important to represent yourself, it is also important that you do it the right way.

Therefore, you might not be a professional in showcasing your skills or work online but are sure that when the task comes, you will give it your best shot.

Your WebHost interface has to be easy to use, as you will have to tweak it to resonate with the service you are offering thus attract the relevant people.

The above services are available at a premium for those who are not sure of creating a good portfolio but still want their website and developer portfolio to exude professionalism.

To this end, your WebHost has to provide you with sleek designs complete with great design tools, professional templates, and attractive displays for showcasing your work, among other powerful features that when combined will give you a powerful online presence.

Another feature to watch out for are the provided templates, as they need to be crisp, clean with enough white space to grant your portfolio the high end feel.

Also, ensure that the templates are mobile responsive so that your fans and potential clients can get sucked in from wherever they are viewing your portfolio from.


So webhosts do offer premium plans, some with advanced features and others with minimal features to get you up and running, so as you sign up for one of the paid plans remember your reputation rides on this and the last thing you that you want to do is create an illusion in your fans mind that you are a basic developer struggling to gain relevance.

Therefore, for as much as you want a budget-friendly subscription plan, at least pick a plan with some bit of advanced features that will effectively show off your work and also create interest.

By choosing the right hosting plan you will quickly build an audience and consequently generate new business and you never know your passion could quickly turn into a career.


So you have a professional developer portfolio waiting to be found but you are not available.

Well, this is one costly mistake that can have you out of the competition before you even start, uptime equates relevance, and whenever a search query is initiated and you are nowhere to be found then you are losing business.

A good Webhosting provider needs to guarantee you a 99% uptime, you don’t expect people to contact you when they cannot find or see your website online.

Therefore, ensure that your website tags your content correctly to ensure that your pages can be found by the Google crawlers among other search engines.

Support and guides

If you are a newbie and still don’t have the funds to hire a professional to create for you the perfect developer portfolio, fret not because there are many people like you that made their career online as developers just by following the instruction in the provided guides.

Webhosting service providers strive to help their clients in every possible way.

Besides, the guides provided by most webhosts comprise of both video and text, and unlike having support explaining things to you repeatedly, you can replay the guides as much as you like to understand and process what you need to do.

Support, on the other hand, is a critical factor as you struggle to create an online presence.

There are webhost companies that are quick to respond to their client’s queries while there are those that will have you wait for the emails in the queue to get responded to before they reach out to you.

Well, the above can be quite unnerving, so before you sign up ensure that they have a telephone number that you can use to reach them.

Some webhost goes a step further and offer a live video chat, however, this service can mostly be found in the expensive premium packages, so choose wisely, but ensure that support is available 24/7.


There are so many networking platforms and all of which you need to create a powerful presence that is if you want to snag a gig.

Your WebHost needs to allow you to showcase your work on other social media sites.

Better yet the only way that you can be sure of growth as a developer is by connecting with other developers in your niche.

So by integrating some of the social networking buttons on your website, you can follow or be followed by your fans and clients.

And even better is that you stand the chance of connecting with your future employers.

Another, important feature that you should look out for from your WebHost is whether they provide you with a tool that allows you to embed watermarks on your works.

While you might be able to upload a large number of images, there are some very crafty individuals out here that will convert your work to theirs but with the watermark, you are protected.

Conclusion Bluehost

best web hosting for developer portfolio coding jobs

So where do you want to host your portfolio, some good and effective suggestions are Siteground and Blue host?

The latter will offer you three subscription plans the first one comes below $10 and is great for newbies, with an intuitive dashboard.

The VPS plan offers scalability on-demand while the dedicated plan, which is also the most expensive, comes recommended when you have huge traffic and operate resource-intensive needs.

Siteground, on the other hand, allows its users to launch their websites but at a very budget-friendly price of $0.99 for up to three months, now you have all the room to get your developer portfolio out to the world.

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