Best Web Hosting For Agencies (2021)

best web hosting for agencies

Agencies are platforms meant to attract the masses because of the products and services that they offer, meaning that they need to get reliable and stable hosting with a 99% guaranteed uptime, or something close to that.

While this may be a reality to many agencies a good population is still out in the cold trying to find the best Webhosting.

Most people, therefore, don’t know what to look for when combing the market for a reliable Webhosting company.

So, what are the qualities of a good web hosting for agencies?

The information provided in this excerpt has brought together the most significant qualities of a Webhosting service provider, read on.  


Netizens are the most impatient individuals in the history of mankind, they will not wait a second more for your website to load, as they will simply move on to the next, and truth be told no one likes to wait in line even in real life.

The above, therefore, means that if your website takes a lot of time before a user can get access then you are going to register higher bounce rates than clicks.

Most websites have slow load speeds because they have been accommodated on an overburdened server or worse on a slow network.

So how do you avoid getting hosted on a slow network, the first easy thing to do, is go through the reviews, and check the current customer base, if you can lay your hands on that information then you will be able to make the right choice.

Another simple option is to sign up for the free trial and match your website speeds to the speeds that the Webhosting claims to offer if they are blazing fast and up to your standards then get hosted.


While webspace is cheap many people rarely understand the essence of getting a lot of the storage space, take a look at cloud hosting for example.

You will find that the cheaper premium packages offer at least 100GB storage space, while the rest of the plans have unmetered storage space. Disk space is the amount of data that you can store on a web server.

And the amount of space that you will need is dependent on the size of the website.

So hypothetically, how many GB would you need for your website?

If you plan on signing up for a medium website then you will need at least 50 GB disk space.

But if you are still testing the waters and thus want a small website then 10GB of disk space will suffice.

However, if you are the make it or make it type of individual and want to run a big website then you will need up to 100GB.

Now that you are equipped with information on space, you also need to check on the pricing plans, so that you don’t settle for a fairly priced one but with minimal storage space.

Reliable bandwidth

The one advantage with Webhosting is that the owners don’t have to deal with fire breathing clients.

Can you imagine waking up one day to find that your WebHost has cut off your website, just when you thought you have just made it in the online circles and boom you are no longer available online? Well, the above can be very frustrating, to say the least.

But you have the liberty to make a choice before settling with a hosting company.

Initially, we mentioned that agencies are into attracting clients and once you gain a stable customer base then traffic will begin coming in.

And this is where bandwidth will be needed, if your website attracts too much traffic then you will use up too much bandwidth and unless you purchase more, you will be out of business sooner than you anticipated.

A good web host should, therefore, give you the option of purchasing more bandwidth, and remember that bandwidth is also used to determine the speed at which your page loads on a browser, consequently improving the experience of your site visitors.

Reliable uptime

Uptime is one of the things that will have you pull out hair from your head, it is very important that your website is always online whenever your followers, clients, or visitors search for you.

But if your website is the type that will appear and disappear then you might as well close it down.

If your Webhosting company cannot guarantee you a reliable uptime, then you don’t have any business hosting with them.

The simple reason being that you will not be able to convert and not only that but your reputation wouldn’t be worth a picture frame.

So, to ensure that you stay in business and that your clients can see your website, find a Webhosting company with a guaranteed 99% uptime.

On your end, you should ensure that your website has been registered with the right IP address as it will reduce the chances of it going down.

Reliable support

Most Webhosting companies do offer support services but how reliable are they, well there are those that are available 24/7 365days, and there are those that are only available for the 5days of the week, which is Monday to Friday.

So that means if your website crashes on Friday evening then you will have to wait up to Monday for your problem to be resolved.

And guess what most of the online clients spend at least 80 percent of their day online, so what does that mean for your agency, loses I guess.

So, as you search for the best Webhosting company don’t settle for the chatbots only, go for email, the live face to face chats or let them give you a published phone number.

And the most important is to find out their hours of support.

How reliable are they, will you be able to get help over the weekend or during the wee hours of the night.


best web hosting for digital design agencies

And now that you have the most important information to make a decision on the Webhosting service provider that you want to settle with, we took the liberty to recommend the best in the market, which is Bluehost.

Let’s just begin by reassuring you that Bluehost will hold your hand 24/7, and apart from the trained experts, you will also be able to interact with the help center that has been equipped with guides and video tutorials among other features to help you settle in.

Why Bluehost?

Well, because their aim is to ensure that your website goes global.

You will, therefore, be able to access the marketing services, the paid add credits, and other tools specially designed to make you realize your online goals.

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