The Best Web Hosting For Adsense (2021)

best web hosting for adsense

Starting a adsense website is a great way to earn some income while doing something you are passionate about.

With adsense you can display adverstiment on your website whether you are doing a cooking blog or a gaming site.

And it’s really easy to set up.

But first of all you need a website and in order to have your website available to the world you need a website hosting provider.

What makes a good WordPress Hosting Provider for adsense?


A good web hosting company will have great uptime, meaning that your website server is always up which is essential.

Because you don’t wan’t your website to be offline during peak hours for your business which means no adsense money being rolled in.

Often times the good reputable hosting companies gurantees 99% uptime.


Having issues with your website is a major headache, and worse still is when you can’t reach support to try and get things right.

So the importance of support is not only being available but they should also be knowledgeable to help fix your website issues.

Warm and friendly would also be a plus from a customer support agent, and be sure to check on availability, some hosting sites offer support five days a week, and for the costly premium packages support might be available all the days of the week.

So, check on the premium packages and with regards to the activities of your website, invest in one with features that will resonate with the needs of your website.  

Having a support time available is crucial when you really need them, they’ll always have a live chat support available 24/7 and often times also have call support whichever you prefer.

Even though setting up a website can be super easy nowadays using wordpress, there’s always a possiblity where you did messed something up then you can count on you have a helpful support getting the site back up for you.

Without a problem and you can ask them tips and how to set it up. Often times if you use wordpress it’s often 1-click install.

Fast servers

Having fast servers is crucial nowadays, everyone is impatient and wants everything now now now.

We all know when we land on that one site that loads super slow and instead of waiting we just close it out.

You don’t wan’t that to happend because you loose visitors and visitors is your income with adsense.

And because you are gonna use adsense the advertisements usually slows down the page a little bit to starting a with a fast host is a essential step.

Patience is one lacking virtue in humans, and the availability of other responsive websites makes the situation even worse.

Your visitors, followers or clients need not experience slow load times, so if your website takes time to load once it has been clicked then just know that you are losing and you might have to close shop soon.

So, to stay in business you have to check on the load speeds offered by the hosting company that you choose to invest in, read through reviews of people who have been hosted by the company before paying for any premium package.


Before you decide to settle with a web hosting provider, it would do you some good if you first checked out the security features incorporated in the premium packages offered.

You will, therefore, check if there are provisions for user authentication, the availability of firewalls or if you will be able to get daily backups.

Even better is that you should be provided with notifications anytime changes are made as you will be made aware of any suspicious activity.


Disk space and bandwidth have a lot to do with the customization features of your website, for example, some people will want to include a lot of graphics, others will have dozens of pages, and for those that will be able to grow their sites faster, then you will have to arrange on how you are going to handle the huge traffic.

In essence is that your hosting company should provide you with decent disk space and bandwidth, to which end there are Webhosting companies that offer premium packages with many unlimited plans, which you could take advantage of.


Don’t rush into paying for a premium package without confirming the type of Operating system that the hosting company supports.

Switching operating systems is not an option that you would want to take, so best you ensure that you have carefully evaluated the compatibility features.


Reliability means you are available 24/7, your website has to be up whenever the Google crawlers come calling that is of course if you want it to convert.

Most Webhosting companies assure users that they will enjoy up to 99% uptime, and while some will provide uptime, for some companies you will have to do a little digging, just to be sure.


The closer you are located to the server the faster the service.

The number of servers also has a huge effect on the speeds of your website and the services offered.

Many servers are located in the US, the UK and Israel, so as regards your position, you can select among the mentioned countries, the server that is closest to your location.


Many people tend to get dissuaded with low prices not knowing that they are missing out on some of the vital features, you might, therefore, find that the lower prices offered come with limited disk space and bandwidth.

However, the above is not a problem, because you can always upgrade, but what if the hosting company you are subscribing to does not have scalable options.

Limited disk space and bandwidth are not something that anyone would want to go with because there is always the option of growing over time leading to a change of needs.

Therefore, even if you choose to go with the low prices ensure that it does not compromise on some of the most vital features, such as the number of email accounts.

Best Adsense Web Hosting Providers

Now with that out of the way these are the recommendations for web hosting when using adsense.


best web hosting for adsense

Webhosting companies go by reputation and as it is right now, Bluehost powers more than 2 million websites around the globe. 

So, as you pick the best Webhosting package, keep in mind that the BlueHost site has much to offer, such as large disk space and bandwidth, to help cater to the high traffic, and the numerous pages and graphics.

Once you sign up with Bluehost you will be able to enjoy an extended 60-day money-back guarantee, which means that if the services are not up to your standard then you can opt-out for free but within the 60-day window.

And in case you experience issues with your website then you can be sure of accessing support 24/7.

Bluehost therefore, offers its users some advanced features, for example, you will be able to access the WP Pro, that offers users website analytics.

The latter is necessary because it provides site owners with information on the number of visitors and page views; this information can, therefore, be used in optimizing web usage.

And still, on WordPress hosting, the company provides users with useful marketing tools, data backups, and security, better yet is that the provided hosting plans have been designed in such a way that they enable growth right from the new website owners and bloggers.

And as they become accustomed to operating their websites, they can progressively move to other costly premium plans that offer advanced features.

Bluehost has been in business since 2003 and are well reputable in web hosting space.

They have excellent 24/7 support with trained experts ready to help you with anything.

You get a free ssl certificate and a free domain name for the 1st year which is a great bonus.

A domain name can cost up to $10 and $20 a year!

If you are gonna use WordPress then this is even a better choice because even WordPress themselves recommends Bluehost as a hosting provider.

website hosting for adsense

They offer shared, VPS and dedicated server solutions to fit the size of your business, if you’r starting small I would go for the “Plus” plan which gives you unlimited websites.

Since if you later wan’t to expand you multiple sites you can easily do that.

Get started with Bluehost.


best web hosting for adsense wordpress

Siteground is famous for their legendary support team, they are always helpful and knowledgable.

They recently made the switch to host their sites on Google cloud servers which means even more speed and secure servers.

Get started with Siteground.

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