Best Web Hosting For Accountants (2021)

best web hosting for accountants

The best Webhosting for accountants has to incorporate features that will provide information in due time, handle huge traffic, offer advanced security, and be reliable at the same time.

One such solid hosting that is also a convenient option for accountants is cloud hosting.

Cloud hosting works by spreading data across several different machines and servers in different places, but which are all connected.

Accountants will, therefore, manage their data via a virtual machine that has been configured to access all the different servers across the cloud.

In essence is that cloud computing is an infrastructure as a service cloud delivery model, designed to offer users virtual services.

Availability of varied premium plans

When compared to shared hosting, cloud hosting turns out to be the better option, because it can comfortably handle large traffic and offer accountants improved security protection and is reliable.

However, the needs of every accountant or accounting firm are different but can be very well catered to by a web host that offers cloud services.

Therefore, a reliable hosting company should offer its users versatility and a variety of hosting plans, the versatility of the premium plans comes in incase the users want to upgrade, the latter should thus be made possible anytime, as some tend to be fixed.

The different pricing plans also need to come with the customization and advanced features that can be tweaked to suit the accountant’s needs.

Availability of updates

The one thing that we are sure about is that technology is infinite and what might be a new technology today, can be history in a week or two.

Accountants, therefore, need to be kept up to speed with the latest developments in technology thus make their activities more systematic and seamless given the complex nature of their job.

And as much as the cloud hosting might feature the latest technological advancements, in terms of hardware and software, the company still has to provide scalable options.

The cloud provider should, therefore, go with the trend and provide its users with the latest updates as soon as they are released.

Backup recovery

An accountant’s data is the most vital asset because everything they do revolves around the data and it is, therefore, normal for them to be concerned about the security of their information and if they will be able to recover in case of a disaster.

A reliable host should, therefore, be able to offer its users continuity even amid disaster; they should be able to replicate the accountant’s data to different locations without charging its clients any extra cash for the service.

Backup and retrieval of data is also an option that falls under disaster recovery.

So while your hosting company might be offering back and retrieval of data, it will be of help to know how often back up is done, So that information can be accessed and restored immediately an error occurs.

Support options

If you have previously hosted a website, then you must have encountered the hurdle of accessing support and them not being available when you need them the most.

Worse still is that they might be available but cannot be accessed via your preferred medium.

Accountants deal with very sensitive information and it’s only logical that they get through to support, via their preferred medium all the days of the week and at any time that they may need help.

However, the above might not be available to everyone, as the option mostly comes with the premium packages.

Some hosting companies will offer hosting 24/7 for 365 days but on the most expensive package, while others will only offer support 5 days a week in an 8 to 5 model, but on their most expensive premium plan.

The Service Level Agreement

A service level agreement is a document with the stipulated terms and conditions that your host is going to provide as regards the cloud services.

The document will, therefore, detail the type of services that you are to receive from the WebHost and the steps that will be taken to compensate you if there are glitches in the service.

The document also gives directions on the customization options provided to the client.

Accountants looking for a favorable web hosting service provider should, therefore, ensure that they go through the service level agreement before settling for a hosting plan.

Third-party applications

So once you are set up and ready to run business, you will realize that you need to integrate other third-party applications for efficiency, but does your host allow you to, and if so, how many third-party applications can you integrate into your website.

Well, the above is a very important question because some of the third party applications handle the most trivial issues that would have otherwise remained undone.

For example, they could help you in data conversion or in the tracking of time.

Therefore, good hosting should give you endless options in the integration of third-party applications.

A popular option is to use WordPress and often it’s just 1-click install to get you started as fast as possible.

Advanced security features

Accounting data stored in the computer is the most important asset of the activities of an accountant; therefore, as they search for the best hosting service provider, they must ensure that all the security features have been incorporated.

Some of which are the firewalls and data and encryption meant to protect the network setup, there are also the access controls that the admin should be free to customize, and the physical security set up option, such as the fingerprint scanner.

So if you will go with cloud hosting then considerations should be put on the advanced security options incorporated in the cloud service.  


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Accountants, who want to get the above features and more, can sign up with the Bluehost-Webhosting company.

The reason being that they offer a variety of products tailored to offer hosting solutions to the enterprise group and private individuals.

Among the options that accountants have are, dedicated hosting, shared hosting, cloud hosting, and pro web hosting among others.

For accountants wishing to settle for cloud hosting with Bluehost, will be provided with three plans, the starter plan that goes for $10.95/month within a 12month term.

This option is for beginners so you will only get 500mb email storage.

Not to worry though because there is a better option for the experts and you can thus choose between the performance or the business pro premium packages.

For the latter you will get unlimited email accounts, unlimited email storage, and unlimited websites, and better yet is that you get up to 6GB of memory RAM.

Very easy to set up and get help from their professional 24/7 support team ready to help you.

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