Best Web Hosting For Food Blog (2021)

Starting a blog about your passion is a great choice.

You will thank yourself later because it’s so much fun to write about what you love and later down the road it might even turn into your full time job.

But choosing a reliable web hosting provider can be difficult and you wan’t to focus on blogging not doing the technical boring stuff.

So these two companies offers easy 1-click install that takes literally minutes to get your website up and running.

Also if you have any questions they offer great friendly 24/7 support.

Here are two great hosting companies that makes it super easy to start up your food blog today and offers great friendly support.


best web hosting for food blog review

BlueHost is one of the best web-hosting providers. There are many perks that are involved with choosing this option and they include affordability.

$2.95 per month is the lowest price that you could pay for hosting your food blog. Some of the things that make BlueHost stand out include:

best web hosting for food blog
  • You get a free domain name to use for one year
  • There is an SSL certificate included and this is also free of charge
  • It is very easy to install through WordPress
  • Support is available 24/7. This is offered by experts who are in-house trained. The help center has video tutorials and guides and so much more to make your experience even better.
  • Special offer when you join and a money-back guarantee covering 30 days
  • It powers over two million websites all over the world
  • You can enjoy easy installation of accounts.

BlueHost is designed in a way that guarantees its success.

You can access marketing services and tools.

This in a way makes the food blog more successful than you could have initially anticipated.

Blue hosting also offers different ghosting plans to make it possible for you to pick the one that is most appropriate for the food blog.

Data backup’s security, marketing tools, and website analytics are some of the things that you can access with this option.


best food blog hosting sites siteground

This is yet another great web-hosting platform that you can select for your food blog. It is carefully crafted to make it possible to manage the website easily.

It is an option that is trusted by millions of owners which is evident with the 2 million domains hosted so far. The perks of choosing this option include:

  • You can access the best services and tools so as to build your site seamlessly
  • Building and managing the  website is very easy and fast
  • It is a great option for beginners who have no idea about where they should start. This is achieved by offering them a solution that includes support, premium features, and choosing the best site builder
  • Professional web transfer is also something you can access and it is provided by experts. You can migrate from WordPress quite easily using the provided WordPress plugin

SiteGround offers managed services for different WordPress plans. This includes installation of WordPress, migrations, automatic updates, WordPress support, and even advanced caching.

If you are developing a blog or website and you want some more freedom, then the SSH and WP-CLI access, PHP control, Git integration, and WordPress staging can be great.

This is something that the webhosting provider can offer its clients.

Customer support is always very important regardless of the service being provided.

You notice that SiteGround has a highly rated team offering support online.

They are helpful, multi-skilled, fast, and well trained.

They are aware of how the company operates and can offer the best support ever.

They are friendly, proficient, and always ready to assist in the best way possible.

Why SiteGround is good for your food blog

SiteGround does not compromise services offered.

They give the best technical craftsmanship to guarantee customer satisfaction in the best way possible.

They use only the best technologies and come up with solutions that are built in-house for a more personalized experience.

The smart solutions that are offered by this web hosting company ensure a secure isolation of accounts.

The virtualization method is also customized making it possible to encrypt SSL integration for different clients.

There are many other developments that have been introduced for a better outcome, including the AI software that prevents different types of brute force attacks each day.

Innovation for this company is always great and it never really stops.

This is what makes it remain relevant and among the best that you can use for your food blog.

Web hosting is supposed to empower the site owner and that is why this provider offers updates from time to time.

Updates are very important and you can use autopilot or even schedule.

PHP versions that re latest in the market are also available even though SiteGround still allows you to make a switch to the version that you feel works best for you.

The other perk of using this provider is the static caching of websites that is provided.

You can still add layers or switch it off to achieve the performance that is actually the best for your food blog.

SiteGround also offers security monitoring quite constantly. 

They have an expert team who track vulnerabilities on website and server level to guarantee that you are always protected.

Enhancements and security patches are actively written to prevent any potential attacks.

Hosting food blogs

When you have a passion for anything, it is only normal to want to share it with the whole world.

You may feel the urge to actually share what you know with the world.

A food blog allows you to let the world see what you love most.

Your recipes, trials and other issues that you may have gone through and your take on food in general.

The best scenario for a food blog should be reliable and you should be capable of storing a lot of files at the same time in recipe form and also have pictures that are closely related to the recipes that have been uploaded.

When it comes to your food blog, there are lots of options available.

Usually, the choice is dependent on your skill level and budget.

Some of the hosting companies have a user-friendly interface and free themes.

You should also take time to think of the best domain name so be as specific as possible about the niche you are targeting. Ensure that the domain name includes what it is that you have to offer so that you can get relevant traffic.

Free and paid options

You notice that there are free and paid hosting options on the internet today.

You may be tempted to use the free option but it always makes more sense to use a paid option if you are serious about the food blog that you are creating.

Free hosting is never the best solution for your food blog.

They are unreliable and gets hacked a lot.

By going for free hosting, it may mean that the site will not be able to meet its full potential.

The best web hosting is the paid one and it comes with some benefits.

Paid hosting gives you more power and more control over the site. It, therefore, means that it is better for you as an individual and for the blog as well.

In most cases, the free hosting makes the food bloggers displays some banners that can be annoying to start with.

You may also be needed to display some ads in the sidebars so as to access the content hosting. Anyone who uses the internet can tell you how annoying this can be to start with.

Because of the nature of such banners and ads, people may not take you so seriously and you may not get as many readers as you anticipated. Your bounce rate (people leaving the site) may also be very high.

Most readers prefer a clean look and a blog that does not have clutter. The flashing ads that stick throughout the website can be a total turnoff to potential readers and customers.

Social media

Social media should be used as a resource because it can be helpful with the traffic.

The best way to get more leads in this way is to ensure that you only post the highest quality content on a daily basis.

People always share the things that impress them without even being prompted to do so.

If you have a hosted food blog, then ensured that when you post it, you add the share button to encourage people to do so.

Choosing the best web hosting for food blogs

Choosing the domain name is one of the most important things that have to be done when you want to set up a food blog.

The domain name is the address and identify of the website and should be taken seriously. Bluehost offers a free domain name .com when you sign up.

Remember that people are very specific about what they search for on the internet.

As such, the domain name should actually include the name of the business paying close attention to what you actually deal with in the blog.

Or you can chose a domain name that is something brandable.

When you have the domain name set up, it is time to find the best web hosting so that you can start building the website.

If you want a great website, then the web hosting provider is a very important choice.

You need to find the most reliable option available for you so that you can be guaranteed that the blog will always be up and running at all times.

There are many features that constitute a great web-hosting provider. They include:

  • An operating system that is Linux based as opposed to windows
  • Cpanel hosting panel that ensures easy management
  • The best web hosting should be able to support MySQL and PHP database scripts. These are usually used to create the most dynamic blogs and websites
  • The web host should guarantee 99.9% uptime for the blog
  • The web hosting provider should also be able to offer free emails for the website or domain
  • They should in a position to offer the best support for hosting many websites at the same time. This is especially important to consider, especially for persons who want to build many websites at the same time
  • They should offer unlimited transfer of data. This makes it possible to handle a great number of visitors who visit the big and also handle the data that is transferred during that process

Recommended services

There are very many great companies that offer web hosting.

However, some tend to work better than others do. It is important to choose a host that can be trusted and one that can actually offer the best performing blogs and at an affordable price. The best include:

BlueHost: WordPress Made Easy – Powering Over 2 Million Websites

Siteground: Crafted For Easy Website Management

Great features of the best web hosting companies

There are some features that tell you whether a web host is great or not. These include:

  • Domains: you should be able to register the domains directly
  • Email: creating and managing different email accounts with features like third part compatibility, IMAP support, account filters and so on should be easy with the web hosting provider
  • Backups should also be provided so that you can have access to everything that you had done previously in case of a mishap
  • Cpanel platform is the best so that you can access different tools that can assist you to manage databases, files, domains, and websites
  • Uptime: it is important for the site to be alive at all times, especially if you want your clients to find you at any time. Uptime is a very important feature and one you should look out for before settling for a particular listing company.


To build a great website, it is necessary to have the best hosting space on a server that is reliable; such a server should have code, scripts, and software to make it easy for you to host voids, images, and texts.

Webservers are computers usually internet connected to offer restricted or public access to websites or content.

If you want to set up a successful food blog, concentrate on all the things that will keep it up and running at all times and this can only be achieved by choosing the best food blogging hosting service provider.

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