Best Web Hosting For Travel Agencies (2021)

best web hosting for travel agencies

A travel agency with an online presence is a goldmine but only if you are hosted with the best Webhosting company that can offer faster loading speeds, provide you with guaranteed uptime and scalability options.

Bandwidth and disk space are also important factors to consider because they are the fundamentals to the amount of traffic that your website can accommodate without crashing.

And given the huge number of Webhosting companies available, even the most experienced internet user is bound to get confused when choosing the best hosting to settle with.

Not to worry though because we have compiled a list of some of the key features that you should be on the lookout for if you are searching for a reliable Webhosting company for your travel agency.

Speed and uptime

How fast does your website load, once potential clients come searching, well apart from featuring among the top in the Google rankings, your site’s loading speed should be superfast failure to which you will lose loads of cash.

A faster loading site will help your travel agency achieve its marketing goals, and even better is that your potential clients, followers, and visitors get to have an easy time navigating through the different pages.

And with a good experience they will most likely sign up with you, a well-tuned website should be easily accessible and provide relevant information to users in less than 30minutes.

And so that you understand the importance of loading speeds in your website, kissmetrics infographic recently released their findings on loading speeds that if a web page took more than 3 seconds to load then about a quarter of the users will leave the site.

And besides the Google recommended page load time is less than two seconds.


Uptime is the perfect way of measuring how a Webhosting service provider keeps their systems up and running.

Running a travel agency means that your website has to be online every single minute, which in the long run helps to keep your customers engaged.

Poor uptime from your hosting company will thus lead to higher bounce rates, and your reputation will probably be marred and worse still is that when the Google crawlers come calling your website will not be visible thus any conversion.

So, before you settle with any webhost company be sure of their uptime, go through the reviews, or check with people who have been hosted by the company in the forums.

Reliable support

Giving your travel agency an online presence means that you get to market your company in the global platform and tourists from different countries will be able to make their bookings with you online thus help grow your agency and build a solid reputation.

However, there are those rainy days that you will need support to hold your hand like your very life depended on it.

For example, your website could be experiencing slow upload speeds, or some details could be hidden thus restricting your customers from contacting you.

The possible number of issues bound to impact your online presence are insurmountable but with responsive support, you can be sure that your relevance will not be threatened.

So, as you search for the best Webhosting company to analyze their support, how long do they take to respond, and do they have a published telephone number, or is it purely email.

You must, however, take note of the premium package that you are signing up to, because some don’t offer a 24/7 support nor do they offer live chat, especially on the lower-priced packages.


Well, this one cannot be stressed enough, change is the only constant thing, and as you give your travel agency an online presence, it would do you some good if you also made expansion plans once you start receiving high traffic.

Scalability ensures that you stay on top of the competition; it offers efficiency and builds a good reputation for your company.

As you launch your travel agency, you will get many opportunities to grow, to which end you must keep a keen eye on the increasing load and add the necessary resources.

For your Webhosting company, they should be able to give you options to increase the functionality features of your site either by offering a higher package with the necessary features or by selling some of the services to you. One most notable service is bandwidth.

As traffic builds up the chances of it crashing are very high, and worse still is if the webhost company cannot allocate more resources to you to cope with the increase.

It is, therefore, important for you to check on the scalability options available with the company that you want to settle with as your host.

Security options

Your clients need to feel safe and protected anytime that they wish to carry out an online transaction, and how do you ensure this, first you have to acquire an SSL certificate, which works by encrypting all the data that goes to and comes from your website.

Better yet the certificate gives your website a better ranking when different uses initiate a search query from different browsers.

Besides most of the Webhosting companies provide the SSL certificate for free, but for some only the higher packages get to utilize the free SSL certificate.

The most important thing, therefore, is to obtain it, as it will not only affirm your identity but also build your customer’s trust in your website.


best web hosting for travel agency website builder

Now that you know what to look for before settling with a specific hosting company, we took the liberty of making your search even much shorter and singed out one of the best Webhosting companies, Bluehost.

Why Bluehost, well because they offer you a sweet Webhosting spot (shared hosting) that is below $10, a position that you can occupy as you orient yourself with the modalities of running your travel agency website.

And as you progressively grow and consequently gain high traffic, their reliable support will swiftly migrate you to the dedicated package that goes for $79.99/mo.

And here your resource-intensive needs will be well catered to; your site performance will be top-notch complete with advanced security options.

With super easy installation you’ll have a wordpress site up and running in seconds and 24/7 support is a click away.

An alternative that also is reputable hosting company is Siteground.

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