Best Web Hosting For Real Estate Agents (2021)

best web hosting for real estate agents

Hats off for Vincent Cerf and Bob Kahn for inventing the internet because now you don’t have to burn gas moving to different neighborhoods in search of a house to rent or buy.

Real Estate Agents now have an easy time because all they have to do is post pictures of the houses that are on sale, and those that are up for rental on their website.

Clients, on the other hand, have a wide variety to choose from and different real estate companies to choose from.

All the above can be done in the comfort of your home, office, or even restaurant.

One pain for the real estate agents though is how to ensure that they remain relevant in the online circles given the stiff competition.

Well, the secret is in your web host provider, if you are getting into the real estate industry or are already in and looking for better services then you are in the right place.

Because we are going to provide you with the qualities of a good Webhosting company for real estate agents.


The premium Webhosting package that you pay for has a lot to do with the type of services and features that you will be provided with.

So going by the cost it is safe to say that you will get what you pay for.

Take for example you will find that the packages that go for less than $10 lack most of the features, so while you will be able to get the free SSL, the SSL certificate will only be offered to the expensive premium packages.

But then again it all depends on your budget and how big you want your website to be, the higher packages will offer you more bandwidth and storage space when compared to the cheaply priced packages.

However, if you are still a newbie in Webhosting there is no need to rush to the highly-priced packages, it would be best if you first learned the ropes and when your traffic grows then you can swiftly migrate to the more expensive packages.


Relevance comes with availability, if your WebHost cannot guarantee a 99% percent uptime then you have no business hosting with them.

Real Estate Agents need to be hosted on a website that will not only rank first when a search query is initiated but one that will also be available to be found by individuals who are looking to buy or rent a house.

A solid uptime means that your business gains more clients thus more money and a good reputation.

Get this if a potential client visits your site and the first thing that he gets is a 404 error message then, you have lost that client for good, as the chances of them visiting your site are close to zero.

Now with regard to statistics if your websites profitability in a day is $200 then a one-second delay will wipe off a clean $5,000 profit, within one year.

Check on the reviews

Reviews provide users with concrete evidence of the company that they wish to get hosted with.

So what are the forums saying about the support services of a particular WebHost, what of the advanced features?

Are they positive or negative?

So judging by the comments from different people, you will be able to make a choice of whether to settle or to keep searching.

Keep in mind that the online forums have genuine concerns and no one company is perfect, but if you see many negative comments and reviews then you need to keep on searching.


If you manage to build a solid reputation in the online platform then your website will grow exponentially by attracting more potential clients.

So what you need to realize is that huge traffic could cause your website to crash or worse still your host could cut you off because your site will start using more bandwidth.

And with the above in mind, you need to find a Webhosting service provider that can sell you more bandwidth or migrate you to a premium package that can better accommodate your big website with minimal glitches.

And since the Real Estate industry is all about pictures and photos of houses and parcels of land then incorporating such can only be possible with a Webhosting company that has scalable options.

You could also shop around for a webhost that can offer you comprehensive cloud solutions but be prepared to dig a little deeper into your pocket.

Storage space

Enough storage space is what enables your site to load faster, users will also get a good experience interacting with your site, and better yet is that you will be able to conveniently manage and distribute content to your audience.

So how much bandwidth and disk space is convenient for your site to provide the best user experience.

The amount of disk space that your website needs correlate with the pages that you wish to have, so if you are going to run a big website with up to 1,000 pages, then 2Gb disk space should suffice, but if you will only need 100 pages then 200mb of disk space will be enough.

The webspace is, therefore, made up of the total quantity of images, emails, scripts, text files, and databases.

So as you search for the best Webhosting ensure that it can allow you to put up good quality images, and videos.

Important to note is that if your site is heavy with images, it will rarely rank first when the Google spiders come crawling and the load speeds will also be considerably slower.


best web hosting for real estate agents website builder

Bluehost offers the perfect solution for the Real Estate Agents because it gives people the option of cloud hosting that has the starter plan for the new users and the business pro plan for the advanced users with big websites.

Meaning that it offers scalable options, and for those who are not interested in cloud hosting, you can either go with the shared, which is also the cheapest or the VPS and Dedicated.

Bluehost support services are also peak as they have a published telephone number on their website and chat options.

And to ensure that you don’t get stuck while running or setting up your website, you have the option of contacting them 24/7.

Super easy to set up and get started within minutes.

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