The Best Web Hosting for Freelancers (2021)

best web hosting for freelancers

Freelancers are self-employed meaning that any job that they take on is a do or die affair.

They will, therefore, take up jobs from companies or organizations and then get paid after completion but rarely take on permanent employment.

The money that they make is on a per-task basis, and they will, therefore, charge per hour, per task, or on a daily basis.

Getting relevance as a freelancer may not be an easy task unless of course, you are working on a marketable niche like accounting.

And without a strong online presence and a portfolio of your previous engagements to back it up, your chances of getting hired for the one-off jobs are very slim.

Freelancing as we have established is not one of the easiest jobs to do but with the right webhost you can be well on your way to financial independence.

So what should freelancers look out for in a webhost, read on as we discuss our findings?


Security in a webhost works in two ways, by protecting the client and the owner, for the latter your information and the string of communications between you and your client are protected from third-party prying eyes.

And with an airtight security feature, your client’s information is protected from hackers, a good example is your client’s card details when they are making payments for the services offered.

In simple terms what we are saying is that you need to find a webhost that prioritizes security, for example, having an SSL certificate builds your customer’s trust and reputation with your website.

Daily backups are also a safety measure, which helps to ensure that you can retrieve information in case of a technical hitch.

A Webhosting company should also, provide powerful firewalls, and add-ons that can be used to enhance security.

So, to be sure if a Webhosting company offers the above features, you can join the online forums and read the reviews concerning different Webhosting company’s security features, and if you get more than three negative reviews then you continue searching.

Customer Service

There is no telling when you will need support the bottom line is you are going to need it and they better be online to solve your issue.

Well if you have been in the Webhosting business then you must know that the above is barely the reality as many Webhosting companies only offer email or chat support, and very few provide published telephone numbers or offer the live video chat.

Depending on the company that you are hosting with, some of the advanced support services are attached to the premium packages.

You will, therefore, find that individuals who have subscribed to the most expensive premium plans, get the live video chat support and are even provided with the webhosts support telephone number.

So, before you sign up for any WebHost service ensure that their support services are available 24/7 and they have knowledgeable individuals who can get you out of the murk.

The Subscription Plans

As you start, it is not advisable to jump on to the big premium plans, because your website is still new in the industry thus growth is gradual.

This, therefore, means that your Webhosting service provider has to offer you different subscription plans, and as you learn the ropes then you will gradually transition to bigger plans with advanced features.

Besides overtime traffic to your website is bound to increase, and while the growth of your website might be catered to by the shared Webhosting plans overtime you will have to upgrade to either the dedicated, VPS, or Cloud hosting.

The different Webhosting plans thus give you the choice to scale your site.

Truth be told that migrating a website is a bigger headache than upgrading, so to spare yourself from the headache, best you subscribe to a plan that is scalable and will comfortably accommodate the growing traffic and the large files that you will be putting up.


A great uptime means that you will be relevant in the online circles; thus more business for you and consequently huge traffic of followers who are likely to convert.

Now except for the planned updates and the natural disasters, your website should always be available and the above can only be achieved if all the features work together.

For example, hackers could bring down your website, which means that your need to be firm and keen on the incorporated security features.

There are also software and hardware defects, meaning that support should be on speed dial and their response should be swift, the above are some of the factors that contribute to the 99.999% uptime of your website.


Your webhosts reputation will speak in volumes of the services that await you, and if you look keenly this feature has a lot to do with the brand name.

You must have realized that companies that have been around for quite a while do have a good reputation given the long years in the industry. Also, the many positive reviews work in attracting more clients to webhosts.

But what does the above say for your website, well it is simple, your clients will trust you and your services easily and consequently build a good reputation.

Also, check on what people are saying about the webhost if the reviews are good then you can pitch your tent there.

Ease of use

Even though many Webhosting companies offer a free 14day trial and have fairly priced Webhosting plans, the provided interface needs to be intuitive.

The reason for the above is because there are some things that you will have to do on your own. Even the users being hosted in the managed service, have not completely abandoned the running of their websites to the host providers.

Therefore, some of the things that you will have to take care of as a freelancer are such as the renewing of host solutions, management of the SSL certificates, and the application of new databases or the applications to the websites.


And now that you are ready to build your website and get down to business, you can consider subscribing to one of Site ground’s plans or get hosted with Bluehost.

Bluehost is recommended by WordPress themselves and has 24/7 support available to assist you. And don’t worry setting up a wordpress site literally takes minutes by their super simple setup process.

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