The Best Web Hosting for Digital Downloads (2021)

best web hosting for digital downloads

Choosing the best platform for Webhosting the digital downloads has more to do with the type of content that you are offering and your needs.

We, therefore, have two categories of goods, and these are music, ebooks, and software, there are also online courses that will need a platform specifically configured to handle such activities.

And while providing digital products it is very easy to change course and start offering physical products at least according to your client’s needs.

You will, therefore, have to find a platform that will cater to both of your needs that is give you the option of providing both the digital and physical products. 

Other products that need special consideration are the subscription-based digital products and the pay per view websites among others. 

Features of the best Webhosting for digital downloads


Digital downloads are eCommerce services but in software, running such a service might seem simple until you get on the ground and start working on building up your website.

During the initial stages support from the WebHost service provider is important as you will need all the help that you can get, and this is inclusive of the community forums, the video guides or tutorials, and documentation.

For individuals who are into creating courses for learners, then you might need to go a notch higher and come up with forums that resonate with the course that you are offering.

The above is a convenient method of interacting with your students and you also provide a common platform where they can interact with each other.

Other features that you might need support to help you with and which your WebHost should be able to support are the certificates and badges that you will use to encourage your students to go through with the course and get the recognition incentives.

Given the sensitivity of digital downloads; your webhosts support should be able to move in swiftly in case you get stuck.

Integration of payment options

Given that most of the services being carried out in your digital downloads websites involve a lot of cash transactions then it would be best if your WebHost service provider, provided you with varied pricing options.

Some of the pricing features include the subscription plan, the onetime sales offers, and the paid memberships among other features.

The Webhost also need to integrate with some of the payment platforms such as PayPal and stripe or allow the use of the card in payment, but remember for you to gain the trust of your customers to the point of them giving the information on their cards, there are some important security features that need to be implemented such as the provision of the SSL certificate.

Other integrations are such as the email marketing services, which is a convenient method of building online relevance, so the most viable options under this are such as convert kit and constant contact.

99% uptime

Running a website for digital downloads means that your online presence should be 99.999% if you are running an online course and your students cannot access the website, it will project badly and consequently build you a bad reputation.

There are, therefore, a couple of issues that might take your website down, so what you should be looking out for is how your Webhosting company manages the various issues that threaten to crash your website.

An engaging home page

Once a prospective client lands on your page, they will either dig deeper or bounce off within a few minutes.

The reason for the above is because your page is not engaging enough, or has not incorporated the necessary features that make it easy for your clients to navigate through.

Your WebHost should, therefore, provide you with templates that you can customize to suit your purpose.

So at the top, you must embed a homepage banner with a clear statement of the purpose of the website.

A navigation bar should also be provided that contains important pages like sign-in or the sign-up option.

A search bar is also necessary for the areas around the home page banner, to help users find items within your site with minimal hustle.

Remember that once your followers, visitors, and clients are comfortable and can easily relate to your page then you can expect the number of conversions to peak.

The item listing page

If your webhosts offer you the item listings page then be quick to ensure that the very pages are search engine optimized.

Also, ensure that your item listings page is carefully configured, all the information must be carefully arranged to lead the users to the click to buy button.

Some of the things that you, therefore, need to work on, is the provision of a detailed description of the product that you are offering.

A variety of options for users to download the digital product to their devices, you can also give them the option of adding to cart as they continue browsing, and ensure that you can offer a high resolution or 3D image of the digital items that you are offering as it helps encourage a visitor or follower to purchase.


Credible Webhosting service providers will have reviews from their clients on their websites, well this is a good determinant of whether the WebHost provider is a perfect option for you or whether you need to continue searching.

Also as you go through the reviews don’t be misled by the one or two disgruntled customers into leaving a good WebHost, no one is perfect and so are the Webhosting service providers, so if a majority of the users offer positive reviews then you are good to settle.

Varied hosting plans

A good webhosts gives its users options, and each of the hosting plans comes with varied features, some that are scalable, and others for trial and error.

Be keen, therefore, to keep off plans that require you to submit your card details before you get to use their services or try out the free trial option.

Some plans come with a 14 day trial period, others have integrated a free SSL certificate while others guarantee a 99.999%uptime complete with 24/7 support.


best web hosting for digital downloads products e books

If you can get all the above and more in one webhost then you will able to convert soon, we, therefore, have special WebHost recommendations that will not only host you with affordable premium plans but will also offer most of the features discussed above and these are Bluehost and Siteground.

Takes minutes to setup e commerce website where you can offer digital downloads or products.

Super easy to do and 24/7 support available to help you with anything.

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