Best Web Hosting for Consulting Business (2021)

Now that you are entering the second phase of growth in your career, projecting a professional front through your website has a lot to do with targeting the relevant prospective clients.

Business consultants are majorly involved in planning, implementation, and educating business owners.

A consulting business, therefore, works directly with entrepreneurs, as they identify their marketing needs.

A business consultancy firm with an online presence has the potential to reach a wider clientele but only if you are running a professional and effective website. 

The above goes to build trust with clients; so what do you need to consider when selecting a WebHost and which webhost comes highly recommended for business consultants.


If you are not present when clients come calling then you are not in business, many Webhosting service providers promise to offer their customers up to 99% uptime, yet they have the most downtimes.

So, since you are seeking to create a solid online presence and create a good reputation as the best business consultant, your webhost needs to guarantee that your website will experience minimal to zero downtimes.

Important to note is that uptime helps increase traffic to a website, it also enhances conversions while creating a powerful online presence.

The latter is achieved when the Google spiders rank your site first whenever a search query is initiated.


Webhosts do offer support either through chat, emailing, live video communication, or via a published telephone number.

Therefore, when you get hosted there is no telling when calamity will strike, but when it does getting through to support is a matter of life and death.

And worse still is when you cannot reach support when you need them most.

Therefore, you can always go through the different webhosts reviews and find out how effective is their support, do they respond quickly and is the team well versed with the tech problems therein.

Also, check on their mode of communication, if it is emailing then you know you are going to wait in a queue, so the best option would be a webhost that provides its users with a published telephone number.


When it comes to webhost pricing, there is a catch that you need to watch out for, so if you are just starting then it would be a good idea, to begin with, the free trial plan, and once you are conversant with the operations of the website you can advance to the higher premium plans.

 And as you progress take note of the features offered in the different premium plans, things such as unlimited disk space, and the SSL certificates in some webhosts, are only available to individuals who are hosted in the expensive paid plans.

Also, if you have a projection of quick growth then you need to ensure that the plan that you are subscribing to is scalable.

Disk space

As you get hosted your hosting provider will store for you every piece of information that you place on your website and with regard to what you are uploading, it will take up some space.

So what you need to know is that if your website is going to feature, audio files, images, graphics, web scripts, and the like then you are going to need a large amount of disk space.

So an easy way to estimate the amount of disk space that you might need is through the number of pages, a consulting business might have 100 pages in the beginning, which will work well with a 200mb disk space, but with the average page size being 2mb.

And if your company grows exponentially then you are going to need more disk space, for example, if you will advance to 2000 pages, then your hosting provider has to allocate you 4mbs but with a page size of 2mb.

Managed hosting plan

Not many users would agree to a managed hosting plan but if you choose to go this route then you are going to have more time to deal with your clients.

What happens in managed hosting is that the web hosting service provider leases both the hardware and the dedicated servers to a customer but manages the systems on behalf of the customer.

So for a consulting business with a managed hosting plan, you stand to benefit from the maintenance tasks such as security monitoring, data back-up, and upgrades thus giving you more time to specifically focus on growing your consultancy business.


For businesses, change has to be constant and this is achieved by offering more innovative products, and better services.

Therefore, your website provider shouldn’t be static thus limit your chances of growth.

Once your site is up and running with time you will realize that there are moments that your business will grow and on the rainy days it will shrink, your host should, therefore, give you the opportunity to grow and shrink with regard to the current business conditions.

Scalability also enables future-proofing as it prepares you for the future data challenge and traffic, the idea here is that whatever it is that you are doing to make your consulting business better now, should stay with you as you grow, without necessarily having to switch plans.


best web hosting for consulting business consultant

While we may not have covered all the considerations for selecting a webhost, the above should get you on a good path.

We also took the liberty to recommend some of the best webhost, which are Siteground and Bluehost.

The latter is highly recommended for consulting businesses because it offers its clients a fully managed service thus gives them more time to tend to their customers, for example, you will get the automatic WordPress updates that you can either leave on auto-pilot or schedule.

The WebHost has a dedicated team of security experts that always monitors, and keeps track of the daily software vulnerabilities.

And to make it easy for you to get your business online, Siteground offers its users a three-month startup at only $0.99.

Bluehost, on the other hand, has good benefits for individuals looking to get their consulting business online with minimal hustle.

For one you will get a free SSL certificate, which helps build trust between you and your clients, you will also get a 24/7 support in case you experience problems with your website and a free domain for the first year.

And even better is that for the above services, prices have been slashed to $3.95 within a month, so what’s holding you up.

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