Best Hosting Company For Multiple Domains

Hosting multiple domains on same hosting company can save you a ton of money.

Some people buy new hosting because they don’t know which companies allow them to host multiple domains/websites on one hosting plan.

Setting up more domains on your hosting plan is really simple with Bluehost, you simply login in to your Bluehost hosting control panel and click domain manager then assign domain.

Their domain manager makes it super easy to track, update, transfer, purchase, and administer all of your domains in one place.

Bluehost is literally one of the most simplest setup on all hosting companies and it’s FREE to do.

Bluehost The Best Choice for Multiple Domains

With Bluehost you can expect amazing website speeds and for very affordable plans. Here are some of the benfits of going with Bluehost.

Even WordPress themselves recommends Bluehost as their choice for website hosting. So you know that they work excellent for wordpress and websites.

Why it’s good to have multiple domains

Why you would wan’t multiple domains are if you often build websites for clients you can simply add the new domain names and install 1-click install wordpress with Bluehost and off you go.

It’s also great if you plan to expand your business later maybe you start off with one website or blog and often find later down the road you wan’t more websites since it’s tons of fun and profitable if you do it right.

It’s FREE to do with Bluehost here and super simple only takes some minutes.

Me and many others like Bluehost for a reason, they are powering over 2 million websites worldwide!

Bluehost also offers 30-day money-back guarantee

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